• Book A Scan

    You can make a booking by dropping in to one of our branches or by calling us on 04 978 5500.
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  • Scans

    We offer these services: CT, DEXA, Mammography, MRI, PET /CT, Nuclear Medicine, Pregnancy Ultrasound, Ultrasound, Virtual Colonoscopy, X-rays.
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  • Locations

    Regardless of location, please make all phone inquiries to 04 978 5500. We have 12 branches at the following locations:
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  • Results

    You can contact us by phone or fax to get a copy of your report, or send a request through our Contact form.
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Portrait shot of Mark Leadbitter

Welcome to Pacific Radiology.

Pacific Radiology is owned and run by a local group of doctors. We are specialists in imaging diagnosis and image guided treatments.

When you are referred to us we undertake to provide a medical imaging service that is second to none in New Zealand. Pacific Radiology staff will look after you every step of the way and listen to what you have to say.

Your health practitioner will receive a clear and timely written report (usually the same day) that will assist them in answering your medical questions and contribute to your health care. If we find something that needs urgent attention we will see that you get that attention. Even though you may not get to meet your radiologist in person we are certainly on the team that is looking after you.

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